“The Broken Code” HIMYM Episode Review


It’s the return of Marshpillow! They rebuilt him…they had the technology…now he’s Marshpillow version 2.0.

I’m guest writing at Ted-Mosby.com for the next week or so, and last night I did a review of S9E4 “The Broken Code” for them. Quick summary – I thought this episode was alright, but I wish there The Mother was more of a presence. Marshall is solid, Barney and Ted’s mishaps were a bit meh, but we had some character growth. Everything reminded me of Love, Actually.

For a real in depth review, mosey on over to the season 9, episode 4 “The Broken Code” discussion at Ted-Mosby.com.

4 thoughts on ““The Broken Code” HIMYM Episode Review

  1. I like the $6M man reference. haha! But here’s a prediction. At the end of the episode that guy from the Karate Kid said he wants revenge on Ted after Barney re-named him the best man. Maybe that’s the reason Ted ends up with the bandage around his hand at the train station.

  2. Someone suggested that William Zabka could end up performing the wedding service or something like that! But I like the idea that at the reception he gets into it with Ted. But please no martial arts stuff because Ted would not look that good after. I think it is more simply the ring bear or some other harmless mishap.

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