HIMYM Something New: And The Mother Is….

We know who she is! Details below this hopefully spoiler protecting blurb :)I don’t know yet! I’m sorry if I got your hopes up for a moment. But there is a great chance we will find out tonight, and if we do, I will update this ASAP. Just remember I’m in California so I see it later than you cool kids on the east coast. Also I will put any definite mother info after this blurby so it won’t be a spoiler if you watch later.

But for right now we haven’t seen her, we don’t know her name, but we do know that Ted meets her at the Farhampton train station after Barney and Robin’s wedding.

UPDATE: We still don’t know her character’s name (besides The Mother) but we know the actress and we finally saw her!

Actress Cristin Milioti (who is surely setting imdb records right now) was cast as Ted’s soulmate!

What are your thoughts on this actress as THE Mother?

Need more clues in the meantime? I’ve got em all (and I really do mean ALL OF THE CLUES) right here…

The Mother Load of Mother Clues on HIMYM!

Thanks to Ted-Mosby.com for the image – be sure to click through and read their episode recap!

14 thoughts on “HIMYM Something New: And The Mother Is….

  1. what do you think about this episode and the mother? is she the real mother or is it just some kind of trick? she doesnt even look like the kids ! and she looks a looot like lilly , which is creepy..

    1. I think CBS has confirmed that she is for sure the mother! It’s hard to process because we’ve spent sooooo long with her as a faceless entity, but I think she will work out well. A bunch of people have been saying she looks like Lily but I don’t really see it. At first I thought she almost looked like Nora but then I changed my mind :)

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    2. Not only does she and Lilly have similar taste in shoes, she looks like she could be Lilly’s sister (looks-wise, not really)! with those big doe eyes.. just look at pics of Lilly from season 3 with the darker hair.
      Also, she looks really small here, shorter than the stand-ins we had seen in the season opener, and in the flash-forward from “No Pressure” (the day Ted tells her he loves her).. but maybe it’s all an optical illusion :)

      One thing that really worried me was the end credits, where she is just “Girl with yellow umbrella” – like there’s still room for doubt as to her true role!!
      i know all the articles online already scream out that she is the mother, but i don’t trust Thomas & Bays after all these years of red herrings…

      Anyone else shares my insecurities?

      1. I didn’t think she looked like Lily THAT much, until I saw her imdb profile pic and some other photos of her. The eyes and face really do resemble Lily quite a bit! I also thought she seemed short, but I guess maybe we are used to seeing her in heels?

        I’m pretty sure the writers and CBS have confirmed that she is for The Mother, so there shouldn’t be any doubt at this point. I didn’t 100% trust it until I read all that stuff online, though. Before I was worried they were messing with us AGAIN. Now I’m just worried that they’re NOT messing with us about season 9 being all 24 style and stuck in the wedding weekend.

  2. I think she was a great casting choice. And even though it looks like we’ll have to wait to find out details about her, at least we got to see The Mother. It was kind of a relief to be honest, and wow what a great season finale too. It makes me glad that I’ve been recording every episode of How I Met Your Mother since I got the DISH Hopper and have more than enough storage space to DVR everything I want to. So I can’t wait to rewatch this season shortly before the next starts. Working at DISH, I was eager to get a Hopper installed in my house as soon as it came out. It’s is an amazing Whole-Home DVR, and this thing has constantly impressed me. It has so much storage space–up to 2,000 hours of it–that I’ve been able to hoard entire seasons of a number of my favorite shows, and I still haven’t even made a dent in the memory!

  3. I purchased this season of HIMYM on I tunes. I wanted to be able to rewatch episodes but do not have a DVR at home. So as I look at the Mother… I still can not believe it either.

    I thought this has to be a joke because I was not able to watch live last night. When I finally got home I sent Corina like 8 messages. Sorry Corina you had to wait so long to watch the episode.

    But I could not have made it home without exploding if you had not been avaliable to chat. I agree this actress will make a great partner for Ted. I just do not see her as a Rock Star Bass player in a band. But the rest fits.

    1. I think bass players generally play the mysterious, sexy, possibly whimsical role in the band. Like, the lead singer is the main rock star, and the bass player is a badass that doesn’t need to be the star. That’s not a hard and fast rule, of course, but I can see her backing up a more vivacious singer. BUT we know that the actress and character are both good singers, so there’s an excellent chance she heads up the band. Maybe we just need to see her on stage to fully believe it.

  4. She reminded me a bit of the girl on double date or the one he went on one date with and then again 7 years later. I like her though. She is kinda cute and looks like his type. I hope we see a lot of her and not just at the last episode

    1. I’m very concerned about the format of season 9 and how it’s supposed to be focused on stretching the wedding weekend out across a whole season. I don’t feel like this will give us a satisfying resolution and we won’t get to know her enough.

      1. I want to add something to the end of your comment. Specifically about getting to know the Mother. I think the writers will in the 24 format give us time to get to know the Mother.

        What I want to see is Ted get emotionally invested in the Mother. Ted can only do that in real time by dating the Mother. For that he has to meet the mother. If they skipped a few weeks and jumped down the road into the dating I would not mind. Then at the very last episode they could reveal the how they met.

        Thus they can stick to that being the final episode. But that is not what they are proposing to write in Season 9. They are going to show everyone else introduced to the Mother. Everyone except the person we want to see get to know her better.

        That is why I am extremely dissapointed about the wedding weekend lasting the entire last season. Unless they can show Ted/Mother’s relationship go, I will expect CBS to have a much smaller audience for HIMYM and the other time slots around it.

        There are a lot of other networks with shows that we can get involved with.

        1. I will give the first few episodes a chance, of course, and get a feel for the new format. If it’s just assorted wedding mishaps and hijinks I think I will be over it pretty quickly. I want to get to know the mother, but I also want to see Ted get to know her, so we can vicariously live through that blossoming romance. We’ve been living the crappy part of waiting to find the one for eight years and now I want the good stuff!

  5. Corina, I have very specific feelings about the mother’s introduction. I am not concerned with her not having a name because Ted has not met her Yet. I want him to hear her name with us. I do want Ted to meet her S9 E1 at the end and pick it up S9 E2.

    I do not want this actress to wait until 9-24 to really meet Ted. This needs to happen right away in Season 9. This has gone on long enough. We need to make our voices clear on this.

    From the CBS site and it seems now in person at New York on Monday night. She is the mother they are confirming. So anyone with Doubts put those thoughts out of your mind. To repeat what Corina said at the begining of this Post. This is a very big step the producers took, we have the Mother finally.

    1. I am okay with her not having a name, because it leaves the door open for some of the fun fan theories to still be true. But I don’t want to watch one wedding over an entire season and then have to wait til the end portion just to see them meet. That’s ridiculous.

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