Masuo’s Disney Movie Sketches

I came across these sketches and fell in love! I love how the little pop of color in each image brings it to life. Thanks to the artist, Masuo, and Fairy Tale Mood on Tumblr for sharing this .25970266_p0 25970266_p1 25970266_p2 25970266_p3 25970266_p4 25970266_p5 25970266_p6 25970266_p7 25970266_p8 25970266_p9 25970266_p10 25970266_p11 25970266_p12 25970266_p13 25970266_p14 25970266_p15 25970266_p16 25970266_p17 25970266_p18 25970266_p19


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