The Most Comprehensive HIMYM Cast Photo Ever


I broke it down y’all! Click here to see this photo with all of the connected scenes and references that I could find.

There’s all kinds of fun stuff to enjoy here:

  • The whole group
  • Including baby Marv
  • The pineapple
  • The ducky tie
  • The blue french horn
  • The Robin Sparkles jacket
  • Ted’s magazine cover
  • The sword
  • Wait for it
  • The bracket
  • The goat
  • Awesomeness motivational poster
  • Puzzles the bar sign
  • Diseases game
  • The intervention banner
  • The yellow umbrella, of course
  • The goat
  • Metro News sign

What did I miss guys?

16 thoughts on “The Most Comprehensive HIMYM Cast Photo Ever

  1. Marshall’s wedding hat is sitting on the coffee table; a photo of GNB headquarters on the wall; Ted’s red phone booth (in black and white)

  2. In the pictures I can see:

    New York skyline
    GNB tower
    The hanging chad costume (the pic next to Barney’s knee that says BALLOT)
    The slanted writing above Robin’s head may be the kid’s writing that appears in the background of the kids and in Stella’s house.
    The phone booth

    Things that clearly mean something that are not discernible:

    The box under the “shirt”
    2 things under the coffee table
    The plant in the yellow vase/pot
    What may be a printer by Lily’s left leg/foot
    The writing behind Lily
    The photo next to the GNB building
    All three photos above Marshall
    The two photos between Diseases and the Yellow Umbrella (one clearly says Ted Mosby)
    The photo partially obscured by Barney
    The folded garment at Ted’s feet — may be a hockey jersey
    The photo at Robin’s butt
    The photo at Robin’s head
    The two photos to the right of the yellow umbrella

    The furthest right just looks like a pic of the group, the middle one is completely unseeable.

    1. I am almost done breaking this down but there are still some that elude me. I was really, really hoping you were right about the slanted writing because that one in particular is driving me crazy! But I looked at the pics and I don’t think that’s it. A Redditor pointed out that it looks like the bottom half of “BARNEY”, which helps and doesn’t help at the same time.

      I think the boxes are just there as boxes to hold/display items but I’m not sure.
      The things under the coffee table are legs as far as I can tell
      The plant is Ted’s rare Bolivian houseplant that Robin made him get rid of
      The printer next to Lily is actually the robot! I was so excited when I figured this out!
      Writing behind Lily says Lusty Leopard – again, someone on Reddit figured this out, not me
      Photo next to the GNB pic I have no idea
      Marshall pics are his Fiero, him and Lily on the stairs, and I think Robin and Barney dancing at Punchy’s wedding
      The top photo to the right of Diseases! is the whole gang suited up in “Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit”
      No clue about the one that says Ted
      Or the pics behind Barney – that white star on green is also very familiar but I can’t place it
      It is a hockey jersey – Vancouver Canucks, as worn by Robin
      Robin’s butt pic is the Liberty Bell
      Robin’s head pic – no clue as to the one on the right but the one to the left is the Canadian flag
      Furthest right from the yellow umbrella is the gang in the delivery room after Marv was born – no idea about the other one

      I haven’t quite figured out how to arrange this but I have screencaps of most of the scenes/items referenced and I am noting the episode for each. Because I need to get a life :)

  3. I picked up a few things…

    – The pic behind Robin is probably a Canada flag
    – The table is “the poorly constructed round table”, from the sward day
    – The sign behind Lily is “Dusty Leopard”
    – The green pic beside the “Wait for It” pic is LIly’s blackboard, in which they played the Who-is-the-crazy-psycho-stalking-Barney” game
    – The boxes are probably from that scene that Robin goes “What’s in the booooooox”
    – The green sing COULD be the Maclaren’s sign (if it’s not, it really should be there!)

    1. LOL that strip club is not the nicest place, Dusty Leopard may be more appropriate than the real name :) I was hoping that the boxes were from that scene with Robin – I’m always waiting for them to reference it again for some reason. I guess because it made me laugh really hard when it happened. I’m with you on MacLaren’s sign as well!

  4. The green sign on the top right says Metro News and I think the boxes are from that episode with everybody’s baggage.

  5. Oh, and the photo at Barney’s knee that says ballot was Ted’s costume for Haloween the year he met the Slutty pumpkin.

    1. I did a post where I broke them all down and these points were included, thank you for confirming them! I’m still struggling with two small images – one is the thing that says Ted, above the EN in the intervention banner. The other looks to be some architectural feature, to the right of Robin’s head. I think the rest are all sorted out though…

  6. What about the little one to the right of Lily’s head? I immediately rexocnizes this one as the New York City New Years shot from when they got stuck in the limo for new years in season 1

    1. Oh thank you, that one has been bothering me! I need to find the image file so I can update it with these new details that commenters have provided. I think that just leaves 2 unaccounted for…hopefully I can figure them out someday.

  7. Wow, and I thought I was a fan of the show. You guys are INSANE! But in a good way in Barney’s voice. Lol. Ur seriously,..I was sad to NOT see the infamous red cowboy boots (of Teds) !!!

    1. It was supposed to say….”but” seriously. Not “Ur”. Idk how I missed that ato correction. My bad!!

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