Noah Mills Returns To 2 Broke Girls, Makes Us Stupid Again

Remember those things that make smart girls stupid? Well, brace yourself for a whole lot more of that…! Noah Mills returned as Robbie on 2 Broke Girls, and rendered all of us smart girls stupid once more.

When Max and Caroline open their cupcake shop, Max invites her exes to the party so she can give them her “suck it” face. “Suck it” as in look at my success, not literally an order to suck anything, although her character was clearly tempted by Robbie’s abs.

Max is able to resist hooking up with him, but only after she’s had one last look at “those muscle thingies…I don’t know what those are called, but they make smart girls stupid”.

Here are screencaps showing Max before and after, with a delicious gif in the middle. You can see that she needs a moment to compose herself before declaring “worth the price!” I suspect many of us would look just the same after such a show.

I’ve also included some assorted Noah Mills gif goodness and pictures that nearly burned up my computer. Some are completely ridiculous and that is a-ok with me.












This post gets a bit NSFWish from here on out…

Please prepare yourself for the hotness that is Noah Mills!




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    1. It aired a few weeks ago, but I’m sure you can find it on ummm itunes? It might be on the CBS website but they tend to only offer 1-2 most recent episodes at a time.

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