Found Finds

I did a bit of traveling recently, and a bit of slow, stop and smell the roses kinda walking near home. In doing so I found some fun, funny, sweet, and generally awesome stuff. Here are my fave found art photos from the past month – I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

This is from the wall of customer comment cards at North Beach Pizza in Berkeley. I am willing to overlook the poor spelling because it is extra cool even with some typos!

This is an art sculpture that I came across downtown in Napa. I’ve been somewhat obsessed with pinwheels lately, so I was immediately taken with this sunny flower.

Oh man this made me so happy. This simple hand drawn sign just epitomizes so much about childhood. The sadness and desperation of losing your favorite toy. The blind optimism that you will find it. And the adorable level of detail in the homemade drawing of the Razor scooter in question. Because without that image, you wouldn’t have known what to look for at all! It’s not like all scooters basically look the same or anything. :) I really hope the kid gets it back – cross your fingers for the little guy/gal, would ya?

I think thrift stores are one of the best ways that God, The Universe, Destiny, whatever, can deliver what you want or need. The random assortment of 80% crap, 10% confusing, and 10% completely amazing can really surprise you. In this case, though, it was a box of items that my mom’s coworker was planning to donate to Goodwill. She gave the box to my mom because there were cookbooks in there. While going through all of the contents, however, I found two makeup bags that were clearly meant for me! I had been feeling some doubts about my ability to succeed and become a published author, and suddenly these words – messages – were in my face. Received and appreciated!

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