Disney Princess Pinup Girl Tattoo – Aurora!

Tim Shumate just added Sleeping Beauty to his collection of princess pinups. Lovely, no? I’m not sure who I’m hoping to see next from him – probably Rapunzel, as she is my sister Mimi’s current fave. But there are many lovely ladies to select from – just see my Unofficial Guide to Disney Princesses for more info!

Also in moody blue:

Oh, and here’s a picture of Aurora when she was still in the works. I like seeing his process, because I truly have no idea how to create art like this.

6 thoughts on “Disney Princess Pinup Girl Tattoo – Aurora!

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    • The artist – Tim Shumate – just recently said Cinderella will be ready within a couple weeks!! I will post her here as soon as he puts her up :)

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