I Want Details. I Want The Dish. Bring It On, Sistah

Seriously, how much do I love Suburgatory?



Now you listen to me, Lisa Marie. For years, I have sat here while you prattled on about your social life, when nothing even remotely interesting was going on! Well, now that things are getting real, I want details. I want the dish. Bring it on, sistah.

Suburgatory, season 1 episode 18 “Down Time”

I post this both as a thank you to my parents (for listening to me prattle on for so very many years) and as a nod to my actual sisters (who better not try to withhold the good dirt from me now that shit is getting interesting…) Don’t think for a second that I won’t inundate you with gifs and sitcom quotes until you spill all of your secrets! I will be the all-knowing older sister if I have to beg, borrow, or bribe my way into it :P

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