Rory Cat Hates Sneezes

Don’t know what it is about sneezes that upset her so, but it is pretty adorable when she gets so mad. I’ve tried this at various pitches and tones of voice and she seems equally pissed for every type of sneeze, so I don’t think it’s because her ears are hurting? I wouldn’t sneeze (or fake sneeze) around her otherwise!

2 thoughts on “Rory Cat Hates Sneezes

  1. This is one of the prettiest kitties I have ever seen. Why her mouth must be full of teeth to make those sounds.

    I think Corina’s Blog is so interestimg. It has a little something for everyone. I am sure if Corina publishes books or some of her poems, she would become rich and famous right away. Then her poor Mother would be able to retire and enjoy life more

    1. Poor Rory actually has almost no teeth in her little mouth! It is a mystery as to why… Also, I am so fortune to have the great Jimi Hendrix commenting on my blog – I wouldn’t have guessed that his post-mortem interests included random stops along the blogosphere. I’m a lucky gal indeed. Now to get to work on publishing so my poor mother can retire and enjoy life more… :)

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