Rory Cat Loves Teddy Bear

This is my kitty Rory O’Malley (shown here cuddling with her mousie) – she’s a dilute calico and basically adorable. She recently bonded with a Christmas gift from Grandma Lois – a polar bear stuffed animal from Kohl’s. She doesn’t appreciate me spying on their bonding sessions, though, so I might not be able to capture this again!

2 thoughts on “Rory Cat Loves Teddy Bear

  1. You have a lovely blog, I have really enjoyed reading it. My cat, now gone:( Decided once he was going to bring in a live chipmunk!!!! At least I can say he didn’t get the job done, caught him just in time! LOL He just looked at me like “what is wrong with you?? We could have such fun”.
    teddy bears

    • I read once that when cats bring you live (or dead) animals they’re not just giving you a present – they’re trying to demonstrate to you how to hunt. I really enjoy the thought of my cats looking at me with disgust because the silly human can’t figure out how catch a chipmunk :)

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