Scenes From Next Week’s HIMYM: Karma

Here’s how I think it will go:

Barney takes Ted to a strip club to mend his broken heart. This may done by trickery or just good old-fashioned Barney being annoying until he gets his way. Ted is unimpressed with the ladies and as usual not interested in a lap dance despite Barney’s best efforts.

Suddenly, Barney realizes that the stripper on stage – Karma – is none other than Quinn! Shock! Gasp! Legendary!

Ted is very confused…

Barney returns to the strip club (new tie, new day, I assume) for a private audience with Karma/Quinn.

Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall are disturbed to discover that Robin packed a gun among her belongings.

So Lily uses a sledgehammer to threaten Robin/make her understand the scary nature of weapons in the home.

Alternate explanation: Lily’s pregnancy hormones have finally taken her around the bend.

Sidenote – why hasn’t Marshall been experiencing sympathy pregnancy symptoms? They already “share” a stomach, with one getting sick when the other eats too much. He should have been in there puking right alongside Lily the velociraptor vomitraptor. I would also like to see him super emotional and crying all the time, nesting and cleaning in preparation for the baby, and pissing off Lily when he experiences sympathy contractions. Just another thing that season 7 could have focused on instead of crap we’ve already been over and stupid Kevin and stupid Victoria. But I’m not bitter, I swear. Okay anyway back to the gang…

Finally, Ted accompanies Barney to the strip club, and Barney he attempts to charm Quinn/Karma into a real date with him.

Her continued purple-ness makes me concerned that Quinn ends up with Barney instead of Robin, but I simply can’t accept that as a legitimate possibility. It bums me out. Hopefully she sees the roses and candy and says “Mm hmm, nice try honey, but I’m a lesbian. Not gonna happen.” And then Barney attempts a 4-way with him, Quinn, Cindy, and Cindy’s girlfriend. Sound good?

5 thoughts on “Scenes From Next Week’s HIMYM: Karma

  1. First time reader and poster – great blog! I wanted to bring up my theory on the purple and yellow. Yellow is the complementary color to purple. I’ve noticed with Ted that there has also been a lot of purple in key episodes. Most recently he and Robin both had purple in No Pressure. I actually think that purple and purple foreshadows things not working out, since yellow is the complementary color. Robin tends to wear yellow in the presence of Barney in important episodes (when they kissed at the hospital and in Disaster Averted). Maybe Quinn wearing purple hints at her being the bride, but not the wife at the end of the episode due to Robin? If that makes any sense.

    1. Good point! I really want to do a post on all of the color symbolism – especially in clothes/accessories – but I’m a little overwhelmed. I’m hoping all of the purple is a nod to Barney’s upcoming wedding (wedding color seems to be purple)? Do you think this means that Ted needs to be purpley, so he can complement the mother (yellow)? Or should he be yellow too? I’m not sure…

  2. See, I’m thinking that last thing you said: Ted is the Mother’s purple, and the Mother is Ted’s yellow. If you look at the episode when Barney and Robin kissed at the hospital, she is in yellow and he is in purple. If you look at Marshall and Lily’s wedding, their floral arragements are yellow and purple. I think that when we see pairs in the same color, it might be indicating that they are not the end goal, because they are not complementing each other… I posted on have-you-met-ted that I started googling purple and HIMYM and bumped into the Purple Giraffe from season 1. Did you notice the abundance in purple there too, and the kid stuck in the machine bc he was trying to catch the purple giraffe? Coincidence?? Idk, I’m starting to think that was a hint from the start that Ted is crazy trying to catch Robin and gets stuck. Now that he’s finally let it go, he’ll be able to find him “complementary” color.

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