PuzzlesTheBar.com Up & Running, Puzzles The Bar Not So Lucky?

Last week, we saw a sneak peek of Ted and Barney’s long-awaited booze baby, Puzzles The Bar. Why’s it called Puzzles you ask? THAT’S the puzzle! Not surprisingly, the bar effort didn’t go all that well, but the calendar section of the now running http://www.puzzlesthebar.com has some exciting events in store. Tolstoy Tuesday, anyone? Yes please! Thoreau Thursday/Thorough Strip Thursday? Sign me up! Sadly, though, the foam party on Saturday 1-21-12 has been cancelled. The whole calendar kinda reads like Mad Libs, which is a-ok by me.

Puzzles Mission Statement

A couple of years ago, two bros had a dream. Teddy “Westside” Mosby and Barney “The Barnacle” Stinson wanted to open an establishment where intelligent, inquisitive, and big-breasted people could imbibe peacefully and with as little clothing as possibleAnd thus, “Puzzles” was born.

Unlike other “bars,” Puzzles doesn’t have last call. The intellectually stimulating debates will keep going as long as its scantily-clad women want it to. Puzzles’ handsome, single and straight owners are not here to rip you off, but we will remove your clothes in a quick, yet graceful manner. At Puzzles, the beer is cheap but the banter is rich, and there’s even a place to bang.

Located in the heart of the greatest city in the world, Puzzles is an establishment that’s worth giving a shot. Come on by, have a couple of cocktails and then see if you’d like to get down and dirty or engage in witty repartee or three-way about the arts, politics and philosophy. Why’s it called Puzzles you ask? That’s the puzzle!

Don’t forget to check out the menu specialties while you’re visiting puzzlesthebar.com!


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