You Put The Wrong EmPHAsis

On the wrong sylLABle! Best part of View From The Top, no question. :)

One of the guys on Project Runway this season – Joshua – keeps doing this and it cracks me up. Example – he was mad at his partner, Burt, but instead of saying, “Burt, I will NOT stand for this”, he said, “Burt, I WILL not stand for this”. Oh Joshua! I bet he doesn’t even realize that his name should be pronounced Josh-Schwa a la Friends.

2 thoughts on “You Put The Wrong EmPHAsis

  1. yeah welll, thats the least of his issues….. ‘sides, i’m way more annoyed at the “i-can’t-sew-and-i’ve-never-heard-of-a-purse-cool-girl-who-wears-no-underwear-and-makes-the-same-admittedly-cool-dress-every-time-anya” chick NOT getting cut. it was like this season was alllmmmooost back to early project runway and then SHAZOOIE!!!

    i want bert and becky back. because i just do. and how much pot does that viktor smoke anyway?

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