Where In The World Is Sir Giraffington?

Seriously, where the heck can I find the dapper giraffe with the top hat and monocle, as seen on Love Bites? Like 300 people have found my blog because they’re all searching for him, and none of us are having any luck. This search is more difficult than the final round of the Carmen Sandiego game show! At this rate I’m more likely to identify eight African countries within 45 seconds than I am to find that damn dapper fellow. Someone could be making money off of him, which is why I’m so surprised that he can’t be tracked down. I’ve checked at Toys ‘R Us, FAO Schwarz, Amazon, and eBay…am I missing something here?

I’ve seen hundreds of plush giraffes, but none so perfectly accessorized as Sir Giraffington. None that really had any accessories at all, in fact, which just seems like a missed opportunity to me. A tall giraffe certainly doesn’t need a tall hat, but their horns do seem perfectly placed for holding hats and tiaras in place. The dapper giraffe sports a monocle, but reading/sunglasses would both clearly be beneficial to your giraffe cuddle buddy. Plus, you could fit like a thousand necklaces on a giraffe neck. Bam, there’s another stuffed animal idea right there…you’re welcome, earth!

You just wait, the next round of Beanie Babies or Webkinz or Pound Puppies (I know, I know, I just really miss them, ok?) will be giraffes with mix and match accessories like jewelry, bow ties, scarves, and crowns. They can call them Jewel-Raffes or something, idk. I have also realized that I might need to go with a baby giraffe nursery whenever I have kids, because all of this giraffe gear is. SO. adorbs. I cannot handle the cuteness. Chubby giraffes, giraffes with long eyelashes, giraffe blankies…so, so, sweet. Also I want a plush giraffe that is stylish enough to be Sir Giraffington’s date to the opera, mmkay thanks.

PS – I’m totally going to create this line of plush giraffes plus accessories – no stealing my idea please! :)

10 thoughts on “Where In The World Is Sir Giraffington?

    1. lol I totally do! I was thinking that my giraffe idea was possibly too close to the concept of Build a Bear…I will say this, though – I would be happy to never set foot inside another B-a-B workshop again. Being trapped in there with hundreds of screaming children was too much for me. :)

  1. My husband made me a Daper Giraffe for our wedding anniversary. He ordered a good size giraffe. He found a top hat and monical. and attached them and also added a tasteful ascot. I love it so. I told him after that episode I wanted one and he made it happen. Love him so :)

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