7 Virtues of Disney Princesses

Last week I posted with images and links for the 7 Deadly Sins of Disney Princesses, so I thought I would follow it with the 7 Virtues of Disney Princesses. These were not made by the same artist, but they’re both on DeviantART and I believe they inspire one another. Thanks to pat7 for these gorgeous creations! Here are the princesses, shown in a more positive light!

Belle as Temperance certainly makes sense – she was quite patient and open-minded. She wanted fair treatment and justice for her social outcast father and the beast, and Gaston’s conceit held no interest for her at all. Good job Belle!

Poor Rapunzel didn’t have much choice in the matter, but the virtue of Patience works for her. She waited, more or less patiently, just growing out her golden locks and waiting for rescue. She could also fend for herself, which makes her an extra-appealing princess in my book. (Click “read more” at right for the rest)

Next up – Mulan as Humility. How perfect is that? Mulan had to set aside her own pride – and her family’s pride – to do what was right. She couldn’t allow herself any vanity, because she had to keep up appearances as an ordinary male soldier. She also made plenty of mistakes, but rolled with them graciously. Mulan is one of the best role models of all the Disney princesses, in my opinion, so I’m in favor of this.

Esmeralda definitely works as Kindness – she was nice to poor Quasimodo when almost everyone else was downright cruel. I feel like I don’t remember this movie as well as the others, so I may have forgotten some details about her. Nonetheless this gypsy gal personifies kindness and sets a good example, so two thumbs up!

Tiana is the very definition of Diligence, and I love that her story was set in beautiful New Orleans. She works two jobs to reach her goal of opening her own restaurant. Plus, let’s not forget that the poor thing was turned into a damn frog, and she had to search out a princess for her frog boyfriend to kiss. How much does that suck? Not only are you a frog, but you also have to find a freaking princess for the love of your life to kiss. No bueno, but way to go Tiana.

Giselle isn’t one of the “official” Disney Princesses, but I believe that’s because Disney didn’t want to pay image rights for the use of her face. To me, though, she absolutely counts as a legit princess of the Disney cartoon variety. Giselle as Charity is lovely, and very apropos. This girl does not mind scrubbing, cleaning, baby-sitting, helping small animals, or even doing windows. Can she please come to my house for a while?

Pocahontas does strike me as the best representative for Chastity. The term refers to abstaining from sexual activity, which I can’t really comment on for her (who knows what her and John Smith were up to while they painted with all the colors of the wind, ya know?), but also to chastity of spirit. Pocahontas is pure of heart, and she respects the purity of nature. Now I will be singing that damn song for at least a week – greaaaat.

Do you agree with how virtuous (or not) these ladies are? Would you switch anyone around?

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  1. LOL considering the verse regarding Pocahontas and Captain Smith’s “very mad affair” on Peggy Lee’s “Fever” I have trouble seeing her in that role. ;) Maybe she’d have made a better sit-in for Lust. Also, I appreciate the more ethnic princesses got the positive attributes. Nice touch

    1. The truth is the story of John Smith and Pocahontas was romanticized after her death. Their is no legitimate proof that they were romantically involved in any way. so I think Chastity is fit.

      1. Pocahontas is believed to have married a man from her tribe, then later converted to Christiannity, left her first husband and married John Rolfe and had a son with him with permission of John Rolfe’s people and her father. She is not recorded to have had a romance with John Smith. She and her father believed for years John Smith had died when he returned to England. She is reported to have chastised John smith in public for how he mistreated her people when she went to England with John Rolfe and she saw John Smith still alive.

  2. This is awesome! I’m a Disney fan through and through. and I love how you use Tiana, “The Princess and the Frog” is my favorite Disney animated in a long time, it was a nice break from Pixar animation, and her story was incredible, in true Princess fashion, but with a twist. I have to share this! :)

    PS forgive me for commenting on, like, all of your posts. It seems like I find something new and awesome everytime I log-on. :D

  3. i thought i’d look up Temperance
    it seems to have more to do with abstinence from alcohol and self-control
    like the opposite of Glutton perhaps?

    tem·per·ance   [tem-per-uhns, tem-pruhns] Show IPA
    1. moderation or self-restraint in action, statement, etc.; self-control.
    2. habitual moderation in the indulgence of a natural appetite or passion, especially in the use of alcoholic liquors.
    3. total abstinence from alcoholic liquors.

    1. Hmm perhaps it works more as her having control over her lust, desires, etc. Or maybe it’s just because Chip and Mrs. Potts were filled with tea and not the good stuff… :P

  4. I think that Belle has more Prudence then Temperance, prudence is like knowing what is good, actually it is part of the definition of goodness.,, So I find that makes more sense than temperance. I also would like to ask, if you had to give a virtue to Ariel and Aurora, what would it be?

    1. I think Ariel’s virtue would be kindness. She’s kind and friendly to characters that are a bit different – Flounder is kindof an outcast, chubby fish, Sebastian is clearly an immigrant from Jamaica, and she’s not prejudiced against Prince Eric or any of the humans.

      For Aurora, I would say Chastity, although that wasn’t really on her own. Her family kept her metaphorically chaste and pure by eliminating anything dangerous from the outside world, and isolating her among the fairies in the woods. If they had their way, she would have been kept in that bubble until after the spindle danger had passed.

      Sidenote – this always drove me crazy. I remember being a kid and asking my mom why Aurora’s parents didn’t just tell her, hey, watch out for spinning wheels, those are bad news. I figured she wasn’t stupid, and with some information they could have avoided the whole mess!

      I guess Aurora is the princess that we know the least, because she spends such a large chunk of the movie out of the picture. But maybe Patience is a more relevant virtue, what with her waiting for so very, very long…

  5. Because it put her in a trance (“seduced her” like a bible metaphor) so that her own judgment was impaired. If it were only up to her she might have stayed away, but the magical trance put her into a stupor (metaphor for original sin and concupiscence)

  6. I loved this! Thank you! Temperance can also mean discipline and overall balance as a person. My philosophy professor was just talking about this.

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