7 Deadly Sins of Disney Princesses

Chris Hill, aka chill07 on deviantART, made these incredible images a while back. Since I’m apparently posting on all things Disney today, I thought this was the perfect chance to share them. Some are spot on, while others I might have switched around a bit. You can decide for yourself how it all works out…

Tinkerbell as Envy makes sense to me – she was pissed at Wendy all the time for capturing Peter’s attention. Like seriously pissed, to the degree that Wrath would also likely be appropriate.

Snow White as Gluttony also makes sense…if only she could have resisted that snack, she wouldn’t have had all that trouble! Although then she might not have met her Prince Charming, so perhaps it was all for the best. (Click “read more” at right to see the rest….)

Ariel as Greed also makes sense to me – girlfriend was seriously hording some merchandise in her grotto. And she wanted the best of both worlds – legs for land and her Prince, but still connected to her dad and fellow mer-folk. Apparently it all worked out, though, as evidenced by multiple straight to DVD sequels.

Cinderella as Lust, though, I dunno. Was she particularly lusty? Perhaps her efforts to see the prince indicates her lustful interest towards him. Damn Cinderelly was always trying to give away the milk for free!

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) as Sloth is obviously perfect. It’s not her fault that she was slothful, what with the spell and all. But she did sleep for-ev-er, so it works.

This is the only other one I’m not 100% on – Belle as Vanity. Belle strikes me as possibly the least vain of all the princesses, so I can’t really get behind this one. I would probably have cast Cinderella as Vanity, for all her pre-ball primping and preening. Then Belle could be Lust, which would explain her primal attraction to the Beast.

Jasmine as Wrath is spot on, though…her and her tiger were slicing and dicing potential suitors before she found love with “Prince Ali”.

Thoughts? How would you have sorted out the sins for each princess?

8 thoughts on “7 Deadly Sins of Disney Princesses

  1. This is a great post. The art is beautiful.. I like how the artist used the Mucha-esque style and incorporated the princesses. Have you ever seen J. Scott Campbell’s Disney princesses?(Another great artistic take on them) I am always a fan of those adaptations. I also completely agree with you about Belle and Cinderella.
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. I haven’t seen the J. Scott Campbell ones but I will look them up! This artist also did Disney Princesses for the 7 virtues, so I think I will post on that next. Thanks for your kind words!

  2. Great find. I will actually play devil’s advocate with you on this one. Belle had to overcome vanity to truly fall in love with the beast. I remember she was pretty full of herself, maybe not physically, but she was very put off with the Beast at first and had a hard time seeing past what he was.

    Cinderella fell for that prince way too fast and way too easy. I mean they knew each other for a few hours and that’s it? Plus she was all wrapped up in the “romance” and disobeyed her Fairy Godmother

    1. True, Cinderella was good to go from the first time she spotted him, and she did put a fair amount of effort in looking hot for him. I haven’t watched Beauty and the Beast in a while so I may remember Belle as a bit more humble than she actually was :)

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