Pink and gold angel wings

An Angel In Truth, A Demon In Fiction

She’s an angel in truth, a demon in fiction
A woman’s the greatest of all contradiction
She’s afraid of a cockroach,
She’ll scream at a mouse

But she’ll tackle a husband as big as a house
She’ll take him for better,
She’ll take him for worse
She’ll split his head open and then be his nurse

And when he is well and can get out of bed
She’ll pick up a teapot and throw at his head
She’s faithful, deceitful, keen-sighted and blind
She’s crafty, she’s simple, she’s cruel, she’s kind

She’ll lift a man up, she’ll cast a man down
She’ll make him her hero, her ruler, her clown
You fancy she’s this, but you’ll find that she’s that
For she’ll play like a kitten, and fight like a cat.

-Composed by Alfred J. Krieg

Pink and gold angel wings

8 thoughts on “An Angel In Truth, A Demon In Fiction

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    1. I made mine a 2 column instead of 3, which might change what’s available. (that was under theme options, btw). Then I clicked on Menus and it gave me the choice to add new menu tabs for all of the categories I’ve used. I think you can add menus that aren’t category tags but I’m not sure? As for the name – do you mean where it says CorinaWrites? I did that as an image in Photoshop and saved as a jpg that was exactly the same size as the header image field. I don’t remember the dimensions but it says it if you click “header” under appearance on the left side of the dashboard. I hope that helped! If I didn’t understand right, let me know and I will try to assist. :)

  2. I found this poem on the back of a business card back in the early ’60s, The author was Anonymous. There was additional was an additional last verse:

    In the morning she will, in the evening she won’t,
    And you’re always expecting she will but she won’t.

    Just my 2 cents for the day!

    1. I was given a business card by a man who picked me up when I was hitch-hiking in western Colorado in 1950. That card version did not contain the lines about the cat, but did include the two lines above. I have reflected on the wisdom and cynicism of the poem since that time, and enjoy it immensely.

      1. That is an awesome story and I feel like you could turn it into the next great American novel! I’ve really been enjoying hearing from other people about how/where they’ve encountered this poem.


  3. I, too, found the last two lines added on when written by a Pilot during the 2nd World War & sent to his Sweetheart asking her “What do you think of this dear”

  4. My grandpa had alzheimer’s and this poem was one of the last things he could remember. There are several more versus.

    Here are some lines I can vaguely remember. I’m sure they aren’t 100% correct:

    In the morning she will, in the evening she won’t,
    And you’re always expecting she will but she won’t.

    she sleeps all AM, plays all PM,
    goes to games but never sees em’

    Women are a funny race,
    They curl their hair and paint their face

    They spend the money very well,
    the bills add up but what the hell.

    Yet men too are a funny race
    They pay for all this silly waste

  5. My mother would recite this poem instead of saying, “Because I say so.”
    That was in the 1950s & 1960s. I was trying to recall the third stanza, so googled the first line. BTW, her version ended “you always think she will , but she won’t . ”
    When you consider that dad’s pet nane for her was kitten , that’s funny .

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