Mini Corina is Adorbs to the Max

And I’m not just saying that cause I’m mini Corina! Seriously, how effing cute was I? I coordinated the 1st photo shoot with all of my friends, posing each stuffed animal and toy and then calling my mom in to capture the moment. Note my stylish ensemble including a white beaded necklace that I’m pretty sure was my signature accessory those days. I’m not sure what I’m so upset about in the other pic, but I certainly look pissed. Maybe I was worried that the counter would dirty my super cute red dress? I dunno, but my sisters can use this as evidence that I was not, in fact, a perfect child. I like to joke about that but one day I found out that they actually believed that BS story, so now I have to prove that I was no more or less perfect than they were/are.

UPDATE: Per Betsy, my jewelry in the first pic is actually a candy necklace. After I ate a couple candies, my papa explained that soon the necklace would be all gone. I guess I felt like it was worth saving because it appears to be intact. Note the lack of a pastel hued, sticky ring around my neck – the universal symbol for kid-that-just-chowed-on-a-candy-necklace. As for the second pic – apparently I was pouting because my mom denied me a dill pickle. How dare she! I have more in common with Snookie than I realized…

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