The Most Awesome Thing I Ever Found

I found this inexplicable letter ten years ago in a Bank of America parking lot by UC Santa Cruz. It has been a source of great joy and confusion for myself and others, mainly because it makes no effing sense at all. It is, without a doubt, the most awesome thing I ever found. Questions, comments, and attempts at interpretation are definitely encouraged!

When something makes me really happy, I tend to say that it fills my heart with joy. There’s just no better way to express how I’m feeling, and that is particularly true in reference to the letter above. It remains a mystery but I wish I could meet the author, or perhaps the most notorious character, old B grandma. I’m confused as to whether Jack is the actual recipient because he is referred to as “Jack“, but proper grammar and punctuation are apparently not that important to our mysterious letter writer…

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  1. cool,
    Thanks for sharing…

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    You Rock!
    Love your poetry.

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