close up photo of a person s leg



You broke my heart like a skinned knee

That classic childhood injury

Born from freedom and reckless youth

Thin lines of scars remain as proof

Layered scrapes and overlapping bruises

A girl determined to do as she chooses

Now a slight ache with each step I take

Reminds me of you, and what we’ve been through

You broke my heart like a paper cut

Seemingly minor, but anything but

One quick sharp slice once I let you in my life

And now all that remains is ridiculous pain

Such a thin line of blood, drops don’t even fall

But with a flex of my hand or a crook of my finger

The pain flares up again from where it silently lingers

You broke my heart like a sprained wrist

No cast or plaster will actually fix

Not debilitating, just excrutiating

Can’t write or read or drive or sleep

Without feeling the pain that’s buried so deep

It shouldn’t hurt so bad

It shouldn’t hurt at all

But pieced together with bolts and pins

Is the only way to begin again

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