Corina’s Conundrums

Having one place to gather my writing samples and thoughts is, in theory, a great idea. One of the things that “Corina Writes” is blog entries, so of course I should have a blog of my own. The problem this presents is a clear link between my personal and professional lives…and I can’t say that I’m entirely comfortable with that.

I am proud of my political views, my opinions on the world, my sense of humor, my sexuality, and all of those other facets that make me who I am. With that being said, I certainly don’t want anyone to judge me based on any of those alone. So, by pairing my professional portfolio with my personal blog, I am opening myself up to potential conflicts. I may be passed over for a job because an employer disagrees with my liberal views, or my family might discover aspects of my personal life that they might not approve of. That is a simple truth that I won’t try to deny. But I’m not interesting in hiding anything, and that feels pretty good.

In the past I have attempted to draw the line between my personal words and my work.When my words are my work, though, there is no true separation of the two. So I will just be the writer, and you can be the reader, and hopefully you find something on here that you enjoy reading through.

I like to say that I can write anything…so here is my chance to prove it.

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