Which Disney Princesses are True Royalty?

Before we begin, let’s see how Disney defines a true princess: The franchise currently comprises eleven [Note – now twelve] female protagonists from ten different Walt Disney Animation Studios films and one Pixar film who are either royal by birth, … Continue reading Which Disney Princesses are True Royalty?

7 Deadly Sins of Disney Princesses

Chris Hill, aka chill07 on deviantART, made these incredible images a while back. Since I’m apparently posting on all things Disney today, I thought this was the perfect chance to share them. Some are spot on, while others I might have switched around a bit. You can decide for yourself how it all works out…

Tinkerbell as Envy makes sense to me – she was pissed at Wendy all the time for capturing Peter’s attention. Like seriously pissed, to the degree that Wrath would also likely be appropriate.

Snow White as Gluttony also makes sense…if only she could have resisted that snack, she wouldn’t have had all that trouble! Although then she might not have met her Prince Charming, so perhaps it was all for the best. (Click “read more” at right to see the rest….)

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