Is “Brave” Merida An Official Disney Princess?

Or, to put it another way – is Disney Brave enough to make Merida an official princess? Edited to add – yes! It’s official – Merida from Disney/Pixar’s Brave will have her coronation as the 11th member of the Disney Princess Line Up … Continue reading Is “Brave” Merida An Official Disney Princess?

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This is exactly what I needed to read this morning, because it makes me feel so much better about myself. I function just like this – tons of time spent staring at the screen, and then a flurry of violent typing for hours on end. It’s hard to have a creative process and try to fit it to a non-creative task, ya know? I often feel bad about myself for not being inspired more often, for needing to spend time just staring and processing, etc. But it’s what works for me, so why should I question it? I can spend a half an hour tweaking one sentence, organizing my thoughts as I arrange and re-arrange the words. Then I will go into the zone, and bang out thousands of words within a few hours. I’ve heard this from other people in creative professions, so it’s not like a new idea.  Continue reading “Persist”