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Should I Rewatch HIMYM?

HIMYM characters at bar

Hello all, long time no talk!

There are a few things I definitely want to get back to writing about, but I’m not sure that How I Met Your Mother is one of them. So I’m looking for opinions – is it worth the rewatch?

I haven’t watched a single episode since the finale, unless you count the YouTube video of the alternate ending (which I very much preferred). At first I was just salty about the ending and annoyed by the show, but then I started to wonder if I would ever want to watch it again.

I am, by nature, a rewatcher and a rereader. I’m happy to explore new territory, but I fall in love with characters and don’t want to forget them. I kinda….did want to forget them, though. So, I did what Ted would do, and I listed out the pros and cons!



So that’s where I’m at. Readers, it’s been a while, but if you’re out there, weigh in! I’m still debating and deciding for now…

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