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BDB Family Tree – Qhuinn, Blay, Layla, Xcor


We’ve arrived to a complicated but awesome section of the family trees I’m creating for The Black Dagger Brotherhood book series by J.R. Ward. Qhuinn and his family required A LOT of lines. But I think I got it all together in a legible manner. So…

This family tree includes the bloodlines and known relatives/descendants of:

Qhuinn, Blaylock, Layla, Qhuinn, Lyric, Rhampage

You know the drill – click the image to see it blown up nearly as big as Rhage’s Beast.

General Notes:

More general notes can be found in the main article with links to all family trees: “BDB Black Dagger Brotherhood Family Trees – Updated!”

Here’s a master list of all the family trees, to be filled in with links as I get them published:

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