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BDB Black Dagger Brotherhood Family Trees – Updated!


Hey, so, remember when I made that huge fictional family tree for the Black Dagger Brotherhood ? Well, there have been about seven books and a few e-book/novellas published since then. It was definitely time for an update to the Black Dagger Brotherhood family trees!

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The thing about that, though, is it was just a massive BEAST (yes, pun intended, I’m easily amused!) of a chart. It was hard to follow and you couldn’t view it easily since it was so damn big. It included all of the main characters from J.R. Ward’s book series The Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Here’s a reminder of what it looked like:

(If you’re curious about the books, I highly encourage you to check them out! I’ve fallen in love with the characters, and being immersed in their world is my favorite escape. I’ve written more about my fondness for the series in my earlier post “Reasons To Read The Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) Books”.)

Here’s a master list of all the family trees, to be filled in with links as I get them published:

I had a lot of fun with that first family tree, so I decided to take a more logical approach to my updated version. I’ve split them up across different families/bloodlines and connected characters. This means that I’m now working on a total of about fifteen charts, with a fair amount of overlap.

I’m publishing each as a separate post, because it will be way too much content to contain within just one. I made these all on LucidChart, btw. 

General Notes:

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