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HIMYM on Inside The Actor’s Studio


HIMYM fans, are you feeling a little lost this Tuesday? Last night was the first Monday night since the finale, and many of us are missing the gang a whole lot. It doesn’t really matter if you loved or hated the finale – you just can’t help but wish for a few more minutes with your favorite TV companions. 

If you haven’t already watched the Inside the Actor’s Studio with the cast of How I Met Your Mother, now is the perfect time! It’s set right before the finale, so we can avoid all of that messy divorce/death business and just focus on the happy days when Barney and Robin were in love and Ted was yet to meet Tracy.

Here’s the link to watch it:

(There are related videos on that page that cover most of the show)

Have you watched it yet? I can wait while you do, no problem…

Okay, if you’re back I assume you watched, or you just want the highlights without taking the time to see the whole thing. I’m happy to oblige!

Best Moments:

Hearing the gang cuss! The actors all had moments in character, and it was so oddly wonderful to hear them use language that CBS doesn’t allow. Of course Lily would say fuck and Barney would say dick and Robin would call Ted a pussy. It makes perfect sense for their characters but we never got to see much of that type of conversation before (excluding the grinch incident, of course). Cobie got so deep into character that she seemed honestly surprised when Josh mentioned her calling him a pussy afterwards.

Marshall reacting to James Lipton’s questions about the paranormal…he knows it’s all real because he’s seen it with his “pair-a-normal eyes”.

Neil Patrick Harris taking a minute to FaceTime with his little ones and say goodnight. SO SWEET.

Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris do a rousing rendition of “Confrontation” from Les Mis.

When asked if they ever indulged in sandwiches, Lily replied “Yeah! We get hungry!”

Overall it was just awesome seeing the transformations from actors to characters. Jason Segel gets an entirely different, super enthusiastic look on his face, while Josh Radnor perfectly slips into Ted’s tone of voice and mannerisms in a heartbeat. It was really fun witnessing how they embody their on-screen doppelgänger so quickly and effectively.

The gifs below will give you a good sense of all the fun, but they still don’t do the video justice. It felt like the resolution that the finale didn’t really offer us. Emotionally speaking I mean. There’s no new plot information or anything like that, just an honest sense of closure for these people who have meant so much to us. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! The only downside is that there’s no Cristin Milioti/The Mother/Tracy….so in that sense it’s just like the entire series, ya know?


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