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Found Finds Fall 2012


It’s time for another roundup of Corina’s found finds! I haven’t posted any of my photographs for a while so there’s a whole lot here. Please enjoy :)

This was from a Disney commemorative book…it’s a photo of a photo but it just made my heart miss Disneyland so very much.
Here is an Ireland sticker that I found right outside my car when I was randomly compelled to go to a different ATM than usual & park in a different spot than I planned. I think it is my (Irish) Papa and Grandma’s way of saying hello :)

Poor puppy got himself trapped in this (open-ended) loop of fencing. I had to go lead him back out!

The full message displayed when you pump gas at 711 says “that cup holder looks so lonely, why don’t you fill it with a big gulp”. But this is the only part I saw and I can somehow relate to that cup holder.

I love this picture! Some carnival rides were randomly scattered across an empty lot and then they disappeared a few days later. I wonder why?

Well that answers that question…and/or this was the worst carnival ever?

The last lone mobile home remaining on the abandoned lot. Something about this just seems so sad.

Found some urban decay and urban sprawl in the neighborhood – these are the graves of mobile homes that have been bulldozed away.

Is it really though?

I love vintage signs! I think this one has the old school phone number that included letters. Those were before my time so whenever I come across them I am oddly thrilled.

The setting for my very first kiss…terribly romantic, no?

I seem to have a tea-related photo and quote for every Found Finds post. Funny part is that I drink coffee by the gallon, not much of a tea drinker these days. Still, this slogan is indeed factual.

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