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Disneyland Matterhorn Info Much More Awesome As Lorenzo Von Matterhorn Info (HIMYM)


Conquer the perilous peaks of Lorenzo Von Matterhorn on a high-speed thrill ride that will throttle you through icy chutes, around perilous precipices and into the lair of the legendary abominable snowman! Climb steep mountain faces, plunge into creepy caves and rocket around twists and turns. 

(Sidenote – you  know Marshall must just LOVE this ride. It may be the closest he can get to a Bigfoot sighting.)

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is a thrilling roller-coaster-style attraction that will leave you yodeling with excitement!

(That’s what she said?)

The Run

Brace against the howling winds as you climb 80 feet into the air inside an icy cave. Take in the sweeping view at the summit and hang on, because the only way off this mountain is down! (Right here I imagine Barney Lorenzo pointing towards his phallumegaly) Careen around corners, plunge into shadowy caves, weave around mysteriously glowing ice crystals and splashdown in an alpine lake.

But the real peril is not the snow or sleet. Prepare to come face-to-fang with the mountain’s growing growling monster!

Guest Policies

Instructions for riding the Disneyland Matterhorn are so much better when you view them as instructions for riding Lorenzo Von Matterhorn:

And yes, for those of you that are wondering, this post could just be titled “I have a dirty mind that even Disney can’t overcome” :)

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