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As If! Clueless TV References Make Me So Happy


First we saw the reunion of Cher and Elton on Suburgatory, and oh what a glorious day it was:

George aka Elton: Well, which is it? Does it suck or does it blow?

Eden aka Cher: Both.


Summer: Hey everyone, let’s play suck and blow…

Cher: God Elton, can’t you suck?!


We also heard this little gem from George aka Elton in the same episode:

George aka Elton: Sorry, I’m clueless when it comes to this health crap. You pick.


That would have been enough to satisfy my Clueless cravings at least throughout the summer, but then they upped the ante by bringing Ms. Stoeger to Melissa & Joey! In the episode “Mother of All Problems”, Lennox fakes pregnancy to get out of gym class. In Clueless, all Amber needed was a note from her plastic surgeon to accomplish the same goal. Stoeger must have gained some grit these past couple decades.

Phoebe (?): Rumor is next semester is gonna be pilates or Zumba.

Lennox: Anything without flying balls or sticks coming at me. I really like my nose where it is.

Melissa & Joey

Amber: Ms. Stoeger, my plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose.

Dion: Well there goes your social life.


In case any of you were wondering, I’m still saving myself for Luke Perry. An exception could be made for Paul Rudd – as long as his you-know-what is isn’t crooked. :)

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