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Found Finds July: Wise Words & Dirty Minds


Here are my favorite photos of random finds and memorable moments this July. Just as an FYI – I am fully aware of how ridiculously immature some of these are. They still crack me up :)

Isn’t that a lovely sentiment to pair with a cup of tea?

I’m sorry, I had to go there when I saw that truck…

Well, hell, good thing I only have indoor cats. I honestly didn’t realize this was a concern outside of Sandra Bullock movies. Apparently it’s just another aspect of living in East County San Diego!

It’s really true, isn’t it? And a good reminder to find on the inside lid of your Stila blush.

Yeah so this was a can of baked beans, but the little guy licking his lips in anticipation of the “bigger size!” spoke to my inner thirteen year old boy.

So this is on my mom’s fridge. My stepmom also has one. They’re about the same ex!

Be sure to check back next month for more fun finds by Corina :)

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