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You’re Afraid of the Seven Dwarfs? FYI They Are A Hip Hop Crew


Ted: You’re afraid of the seven dwarfs?
Robin: Just Doc. He’s creepy! I mean, the guy’s got a medical degree. What’s he doing hanging around a bunch of coal miners?

How I Met Your Mother season 2, episode 9 “Slap Bet”

I can only imagine what Robin would have thought about this list of rejected potential dwarf names… (my faves in bold). Oh, also, I really enjoy how several current rappers/hip hop stars seem to have culled their names from this list. Where is the dub step version of Hi-Ho?!?!

Aspiring artists – please note that these names are still available: Dizzy, Jaunty, Neurtsy, Scrappy, Snappy, Sniffy and Strutty.

Lists of Note via io9

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