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I’m Apparently A Better Procrastinator Than I Am A HIMYM Fan


Normal people actually turn things in well in advance of deadlines, and thus submit eligible entries for contests that they were invited to enter. Not me, though! I make sure to make everything else a priority, so I have to somehow learn how to create a slide show, write and record my own version of Marshall’s song, export the whole shebang (I said shebang, bang, bangitty bang I said shebang bang bangitty bang…), all in a matter of hours. Because that is clearly the right way to enter a contest, except when it takes YouTube longer to process than you expected and you hit “submit” at 11:59 pm (Eastern time) and then by the time your finger has raised up from the mouse it is midnight and too late.

This was all just a self-loathing introduction to my silly little entry which is now just my silly little video. I’m no Barney – it isn’t an impressive video resume. I’m not even Marshall, despite my best efforts. My music montage video isn’t quite as awesome as his. :)

That’s alright, though, because it makes me pretty happy. My song cracks me up, and now that I did like 40 takes before nailing down a great track, I have it permanently stuck in my head. Could be worse, right? I pretty much just pulled a Mosby (not an OFFICIAL Mosby, mind you, I didn’t declare my love for anyone) and spent way too much time deciding on the official pen of Mosbius Designs instead of actually, you know, working.

To be fair, this deadline coincided with a work deadline that I had to make a priority. So that makes me feel a teensy bit better.

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