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Also These Related Videos Are AWESOME


If you haven’t checked out Funky Munky (by CORINAofficial – I’m just unofficialCorina I guess) you certainly should do so at your earliest convenience. Like now. It’s pretty glorious and her sunglasses both fascinate and disturb me. Moving along we find some 90s gems by another artist named Corina (summertime summertime 97 was a great time to be alive, huh?) and then Corina ft. Dony – Latino Caffe. Does this mean Latino coffee? If so I would like a large one immediately, thanks. Unless it is spicy, because that will not work for me at all.

Corinna by Taj Mahal I am familiar with, but I haven’t had a chance to watch Corina – Temptation or Corina Bartra – Puente de los Suspiros. I’m all about this Boy Meets World clip though! I don’t know the younger Savage brother and his Santa Cruzian friend (true story for another time) relate to me in any way, but I approve.

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