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Top 10 Things Celebs Can Do To Make Us Not Hate Them


1. Don’t drive under the influence when you can afford a chauffeur or cab! Likewise, don’t drive intoxicated when you could call upon a personal assistant, friend, or devoted fan to offer you a ride home. I’m sure that’s a better option than possibly killing yourself or someone else. Just to be safe, how about we say “don’t drive under the influence”, regardless of circumstance. You know, like how the law says.

2. Don’t ever, ever say “do you know who I am?”, especially when you are denied something that you want. If someone refuses to let you into an event, or won’t let you cut in line at Starbucks, or anything in between, don’t try to play the celeb card. All it does is make sure that everyone within hearing range does know who you are, and does think you’re being a douche.

3. Take good care of your kids. Don’t get photographed doing bad parenting moves that are clearly wrong, including but not limited to:

4. Give back to the community. It doesn’t matter if you do so anonymously or with a press release, just be sure that you use some of your fame/money/influence to do good for others. Raise awareness about an issue, rebuild homes after national disasters, start scholarships, donate to your home town, encourage people to vote. Do something positive, publicly or privately, and positive things will come your way.

5. Be humble and grateful. Don’t take your fans for granted, don’t blame the script/director/manager/etc if a project tanks, don’t trash talk, don’t take all of your free celebrity swag for granted. Appreciate it! And enjoy it! We like to see people in pretty clothes and shiny cars. We like to live vicariously through them. We don’t like it when they don’t appreciate the things that we can only dream of.

6. Think before you bitch and moan. Everyone has a right to vent, and everyone gets frustrated by different things. But consider the audience (potentially the entire world) before you start to complain about how rough you have it. When you talk about how exhausted you are now that you have a baby and only one nanny, maybe think about all the parents with multiple kids and only one measly paycheck. When you complain about having to pay for your coffee/dress/VIP seats, remember all those people who don’t have access to food or shelter. I guess I suggest saving those bitch and moan sessions for your celebrity peers, close friends, and family. They don’t come across well in interviews. (To be fair – I struggle with this as well. If you publicized my every conversation I would probably be upset at my own lack of gratitude. I’m trying to change this!)

7. Pay your income taxes. If you can afford to pay taxes, and you don’t, you seem like a jerk. It may be that you’re lazy, or completely scatter brained, or in protest against capitalism (IDK, it could happen), but it gives the impression that you consider yourself to be above the rules. I’m not even talking about missing the payment one year. I’m talking about celebs that haven’t paid taxes in eight, nine, ten plus years! Oh, and one more thing before we move on…if you end up getting audited, or owing a huge debt to IRS, please do NOT appeal the ruling, or have other celebrities appeal on your behalf.

8. Understand your own degree of celebrity. The whole concept of A-list, B-list, etc, has some merit to it. Basically, you need to understand that A-listers (ex: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) have more sway than other famous people. I’m not saying that’s right, but it is the way things are. Being self-aware about your own personal fame can keep you from coming across as naive, full of yourself, or completely delusional. Here’s a handy chart of celebrity ranks as determined by me:

9. Share your opinions, but don’t imply that you are an expert (unless you actually are). I think it’s great when celebrities share their thoughts on politicians and social issues, but I need some sort of reason to trust their authority. Beyond just, I’m famous, you should like what I like. You can’t just go with the “I’m not a political expert, but I play one on TV”!

10. Don’t succumb to the negativity. You will never be able to please everyone, and your every action will be interpreted negatively by some. If you donate you time or money, you will be accused of bribing for publicity. If your family is photographed smiling, joyful, at a playground or toy store, you will be cast by some as a fame whore that alerts the photographers in advance to promote their newest movie. Ignore them and keep living your life as you see fit. If that means that you read this whole list and think that it’s crap, well, so be it then.

I’m sure I’ve missed some good ones – any suggestions?

Thanks to Jezebel for the image!

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