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HIMYM: What Puzzles The Bar Needs


1. A music montage video, produced by one Mr. Marshall Eriksen. I think we all know just how friggen fabulous that would be!

2. Discount for memorizing the Puzzle’s mission statement* (mandatory for all employees, but guests can also enjoy)!

3. Omission of Barney’s fat joke o’ the day:

Ted: I’ve always envisioned Puzzles as a literary salon, where Gotham’s intelligencia hold court on art, philosophy, and literature.

Barney: Great. And while you’re distracting the nerds and fatties, I’ll be in the VIP room, gettin’ it in!

4. More of Ted and Barney’s drink slinging attempts a la Cocktails (set to “Kokomo”, of course)

5. Menu additions – my suggestions include Lily’s R2 Sweet Tooth cookies, Marshall’s “get on the gouda” cheese and crackers plate,  and Robin’s Oh Canada sampler platter (Grizzly paw ice cream sandwiches, Harvey’s cheeseburgers, and a mini bottle of maple syrup for any Old King Clancy enthusiasts out there).


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