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HIMYM Season 7, Episode 5 Review: Field Trip


Another Monday night has passed, and another episode of How I Met Your Mother has wrapped up. There were some new questions, some references to episodes past, and some awesome quotes, per usual. No real clues as to the mother, but it would be boring if those showed up every week, no?


Ted: I just met the perfect woman. She’s funny, she’s beautiful, she loves “Star Wars”…
Marshall: Woah woah woah, what’s her take on ewoks?
Ted: Loves them!
Marshall: Oh, good. I don’t know why people are so cynical about ewoks…the Rebellion would have failed without the ewoks.
Ted: And get this: She’s a marine biologist, she spent a year in Antarctica studying penguins.
Marshall: Oh, penguins are cool. Kinda like black-and-white ewoks. I approve.

Didn’t Love:

I didn’t find this episode to be OMGAMAZING, but I certainly didn’t dislike it. I felt like they made the effort to stay true to each character’s personality, quirks, and insecurities, which I appreciate. Ted, for example, would of course be misty-eyed and dramatic in his pursuit of inspiring future architects. Marshall would of course say “Mother Nature Lover” when cleaning up his language, because pregnant Lily of course would not allow him to say bad words around her growing child (which has just developed ears). Robin might have run from Kevin in the past, but her current interactions with him are on point for the way her character has progressed in the past few seasons. And Barney…well, of course Barney is panicking about Nora, her age, and having a steady girlfriend. But he rises above it all at the end, which shows his character development as well.

To sum up, I think that this episode was GOOD ENOUGH (crack that whip)!

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