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Big Sexy on TLC – Will You Watch It?


Tonight is the premier of the new TLC show Big Sexy. It is about big, sexy ladies, living in NYC. I think that’s what it’s about at least, I’m still a little confused. They seem to be aiming for a plus size Sex and the City kinda deal, but reality, so who knows. It sounds like tonight’s episode will show the Big Sexies facing a club cover charge, while Small Sexies are strutting in for free.

Jessica Wakeman of theFrisky wrote a review, “Big Sexy”, TLC’s New Reality Show About Plus-Size Women, wherein she said:

The show, which debuts Tuesday night at 10 p.m., follows five full-figured females trying to make it in New York City’s fashion biz. This ain’t the gilded-lily “The City,” y’all: in this preview, we see the ladies being asked to pay $30 to enter a club while skinny-minnies behind them in line are let in for free. (After cussing out the bouncers, they stalk off.) I hope the entire show isn’t just incidents like this where they are discriminated against for being plus-sized because that would be depressing.

I have mixed feelings on this sort of situation. My first reaction is to be offended on their behalf, because seriously, how shitty would that feel? The second reaction is somewhat more tolerant, though. I understand that clubs are trying to attract a particular type of patron, and hot women with bangin’ bodies (of the traditional slender sort, not the Big Sexy sort) are good for business. My third reaction is to get completely distracted by flashbacks to Knocked Up:

I do think that these issues need to be addressed, but it doesn’t bode well for anyone if overweight women are presented as an entirely different breed of people. Meaning, I hope that they also include normal female stuff about emotions, dating, shopping, whatever. Because plus size women are, in fact, normal females. I know that’s hard for some people to believe, but it is indeed true.

The commercials for this show feature one Big Sexy – Leslie Medlick, pictured second from left – saying

“Not all fat girls want to be skinny. Can you handle it? Did that just blow your mind?”

It’s a valid point, and one that people rarely believe. I understand questioning this statement, because who wouldn’t want to improve their health, energy levels, etc? With all of that in mind, though, I don’t want to be skinny. I wouldn’t mind being skinnIER, but I don’t want to be just skinny. If I had to choose between having cleavage and an ass and too many curves, or no curves whatsoever, I would stick with what I’ve got. For me, this is partially because I associate my curves with my femininity and sex appeal. I wouldn’t want to look like a boy, in any way. Other women – especially those romantically involved with men or women that prefer plus size ladies – probably feel the same. If your lover is turned on by your body, and you’re happy with your lifestyle, why would you wish for anything different?

Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on Big Sexy, and further thoughts on plus-size reality/TV stars!

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