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Stok Black Coffee Shots Aren’t Effing Around


When they say “WARNING: HIGH CAFFEINE”, they mean it. I promise. That’s why I still up at 3:21 am, tapping my feet and typing at an alarming speed. I’m not new to this coffee thing, either. On an early morning when I need some get up and go, a triple or quadruple shot beverage from Starbucks will get me through the day. My coffee with Stok black coffee shots has me given me more energy – and jitters – than anything from Starbucks, I swear. Point being, don’t add even one to your coffee if you’re planning on going to bed early. Apparently you shouldn’t add two if you intend to sleep at all that night. I really, really suggest that you heed their warning and limit yourself to a max of 2. But if you need to pull an all-nighter, or survive an excruciatingly long day, this freebies from 711 (with purchase of a hot beverage, presumably) will get the job done. You just might feel like you’re about to have a heart attack in the process, but hey, there are pros and cons to everything. BTW, they also have a sweet version but I didn’t notice much difference in taste between the two.

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