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Everything Happens Eventually – Updated!


Booth: Give it time. Everything happens eventually.

Bones: Everything?

Booth: All the stuff that you think never happens. It happens. You just gotta be ready for it.

-Season 2, Episode 16: The Boneless Bride in the River

As such, I’m ready for Bones and Booth to FINALLY get together ON SCREEN. None of this implied hanky panky, I want to see some tongue. Okay, it doesn’t have to be tongue, because that has the potential to be gross. But they should be Frenching, dammit! I’m ready for it, and I’m sure other fans are too. Despite this, I am not very optimistic regarding tonight’s season finale of Bones, because the past few weeks have taken a turn for the redonk. Here’s hoping they flip the script tonight!


Well played Bones, well played. I am still not completely satisfied with how this relationship played out on screen (or off screen, rather), but I’m somewhat appeased. The new developments bode well for a flashback episode next season where they reflect on the exact moments that led them to this point. I really didn’t think they would take that route – despite Emily Deschanel’s actual pregnancy – so this was a happy surprise.

I was surprised by how suddenly you could tell that Emily was knocked up. I swear last week her stomach was flat and this week she was overflowing with cleavage in an empire waist top. That may or may not have been part of the mullet/80s perm worst hair ever undercover trailer trash disguises, though. I really enjoyed the way Booth’s smile slowly spread across his face! Also Angela in labor did not disappoint, and I loved that they honored Vincent in the name. So, to recap: Bones has somewhat earned back my adoration. I can’t really resist any kind of surprise baby plotline, though, and one between two of my fave will-they-won’t-they characters is even better. I’m assuming it will be a girl, because Booth already has Parker. Plus Angela and Hodgins had a boy, so a girl seems right.

This makes me happy! Plus no Toyota ads, or if there were, they were so well integrated that I didn’t notice. Two thumbs up! But next season I still expect to see some memories of how their baby-makin’ adventure kicked off…fans have waited like five years, we deserve the reward of seeing them get together. Mostly figuratively, but a little bit literally, too. You know what I mean.

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