Like a Really Good Game of MASH

I don’t know! My life turned out like a really good game of MASH. -Nick Cannon, Mr. Showbiz stand up comedy special, answering the question “How in the hell did you get Mariah Carey?” This makes me happy. Nick Cannon … Continue reading Like a Really Good Game of MASH

Wait, What?

One of my favorite things is hearing completely nonsensical statements, out of context, when passing by strangers. The kind that make you say wait, what? I truly enjoy trying to piece together a reality in which the statement could somehow make sense. I also like people watching/listening in general, and observing the human condition. (That’s my fancy way of saying spying & eavesdropping!) Anyway, Ryan Gosling – seen here in an utterly drool-worthy shot that looks like he was modeling but really was just a candid, because he’s that hot ALL THE TIME – overheard a funny, and it cracked … Continue reading Wait, What?