@JimmyFallon: Fat Jokes Don’t Sell Ice Cream

You guys know I love Jimmy Fallon a whole lot. I think he’s incredibly talented and funny, his show is one of my faves, and his monologues usually hit it out of the park…except for the whole tendency to tell … Continue reading @JimmyFallon: Fat Jokes Don’t Sell Ice Cream

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Why “Bitter” Is Not An Accurate Term

Another entry from John DeVore and the Mind of Man! I think I can present this without much comment, because it’s so spot on. This is his response to blog commenters that accuse him of being bitter whenever he dares to expresses an opinion…I’m in favor of his pirate wisdom. Read on for the lols:

You can call me whatever you want, of course. That is why the Internet is awesome: it’s just one gigantic, super-futuristic AOL chat room. You can call me cranky, old (I’m the only 36-year-old I know who can nap on command) and you can call me an a**hole. Hey, I am an a**hole, especially to those of you who have poor reading comprehension skills. But I am not bitter. Bitterness is ingratitude. I am a very, very thankful (wo)man. For instance, I am thankful that anyone reads my babbling ever. Continue reading “Why “Bitter” Is Not An Accurate Term”