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My First Point of Contention with the Bible

I’m not particularly religious, but I have read through the entire Bible. This happened when I was considering different religions, and also in college for some classes. Since I was a kid, though, this has been the part that really bothered me. Genesis, chapter 3, wherein Adam and Eve are punished for partaking of the … Continue reading

The Universe Unscrewed

I see this screw embedded in the parking lot almost everyday. Each time I feel tempted to unscrew it, even though I have no real reason to do so or plans on what to do with said screw once removed. Then I think, what if this screw is actually holding the entire universe together? I … Continue reading

Fame: Do Not Want

My sisters and I are quite talented, but we have one big difference in common – the desire for fame. I have absolutely no interest in becoming a celebrity, while my youngest sister fully intends to become a teen pop star. My other sister is pursuing the acting route, kicking ass at school musicals and … Continue reading

The Permanence of Pen

I like the permanence of pen. Every word and letter that I write is worthy of surviving, with their mistakes and corrections for all to see. Pens have nothing to hide. Pens are for those who trust their expressions unconditionally, with no fear of the accidental or unintended.

Sister Schooling

Usually I try to be a good influence on my sisters, but sometimes they’re the ones that end up teaching me a lesson. All three of us are super sensitive – our feelings get hurt easily, we love with all our heart, and those hearts get broken all the time. I think it’s good to … Continue reading