Arthur Had A Dapper Giraffe – Where Is Mine?!

Hobson: And this is just a repeat of when you were certain you needed a pet giraffe to be happy. Well, you were bored with that within a week. Arthur: Because he ate his monocle! I’ve been on the hunt for … Continue reading Arthur Had A Dapper Giraffe – Where Is Mine?!

Where In The World Is Sir Giraffington?

Seriously, where the heck can I find the dapper giraffe with the top hat and monocle, as seen on Love Bites? Like 300 people have found my blog because they’re all searching for him, and none of us are having any luck. This search is more difficult than the final round of the Carmen Sandiego game show! At this rate I’m more likely to identify eight African countries within 45 seconds than I am to find that damn dapper fellow. Someone could be making money off of him, which is why I’m so surprised that he can’t be tracked down. … Continue reading Where In The World Is Sir Giraffington?

“I’m Fat, I Don’t Deserve Anything”

I will preface this by saying that, so far, I’ve been enjoying Love Bites on NBC each Thursday. Each week has offered more and more actors that I already love, and the characters are easy to connect with. I didn’t love this scene, though:

Chloe: Why don’t you let yourself have some fun for once? You deserve it!

Annie: I’m fat, I don’t deserve anything!

Click “read more” at right to, well, read more… Continue reading ““I’m Fat, I Don’t Deserve Anything””