The Big Bang Theory Is Weirdly Specific About Sex Talk

I’ve noticed that we have a surprisingly intimate glimpse into most of the character’s bedroom chatter, and more specifically, what they say during orgasm. I don’t really know why they’ve provided us with all this info, but it cracks me up. Big Bang Theory fans, did I miss any? 

This post is pretty long and chock full o’ quotes, so here’s a cheat sheet:

Leonard: Asks questions – I’m assuming “do you like it when I…” or just “you like this?”, etc. Also makes “mmmm” noises when he kisses and has a predilection for Star Trek roleplay.

Penny: “Oh God”, “Yeehaw”, and – when making out with Stuart – “Oh Leonard!”

Howard: Drunken monkey noises – “oo ooo ooo!”

Amy Farrah Fowler: “Hoo” (This is just a guess but it cracks me up)

Beverly (Leonard’s mom): “Yikes”

Zack (Penny’s ex-boyfriend): “Holy Moly”

Raj: Presumably silent when sober, God only knows what he says when drunk and with a lady friend.

Bernadette: For Howard’s sake I hope she doesn’t use her raspy voice that sounds just like his mother.

Barry Kripke: I don’t think this has been addressed on the show but Bawwy Kwipke’s lisp has to make for hilarious dirty talk.

Stuart: “Oh Penny” (one time, did not go well)

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