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Regarding My Mother

Regarding My Mother

“…I have often wondered if I had the words that would do justice to her goodness, her wisdom, and her strength. In the life of every woman, there will always be the influence and teachings of one woman who stands supreme.” -The Expected One by Kathleen McGowan For me – as it is for so … Continue reading

Vintage Poetry – Would You?

On June 13th, 1919, my great-grandma received a gift – “The Girl Graduate – Her Own Book”. It was a scrapbook for the modern young lady, and my very favorite treasure when I was younger. I used to read and re-read every page, going through and touching all of the calling cards, ball gown fabric … Continue reading

My Husband of So Many Years

I thought that my grandma wrote this poem for my papa, but I have recently been informed that I was incorrect. The poem was actually written by a woman named Elise Maclay, and published in a book called Green Winter: Celebrations of Old Age. A lovely reader named Shauna let me know that I didn’t … Continue reading