A Pooh Sized Controversy

You miss so much when you only check blogs on weekdays! I did my Monday morning perusal of my fave blogs today, and came across a lovely exchange relating to the phrase “Pooh-sized”. I was, before today, unaware of this term. I do not like it at all, mainly because that doesn’t call to mind Winnie the Pooh when spoken – just poo. And who wants to be poo-sized? Not me, that’s for sure. But apparently many people of the Disney enthusiast persuasion do, in fact, want to be called Pooh-sized. As an alternative to words like fat, chubby, obese, etc. Because Pooh is so fat? Or just because he has an insatiable addiction to the sticky icky (in this case, honey)? I truly don’t know.

It started with 2 posts on the aptly named Disney Kicks Ass blog. The first post was titled Too Fat To Ride, and the second post was titled I’m Just Going to Say It: This “Pooh Sized” Stuff is Bullshit. I tend to agree, albeit with the distinction that I don’t really care what terms anyone else uses for a personal description. If you want to equate your weight with a ursine cartoon character, you go right ahead. I will personally refrain from considering myself Pooh sized in any way.

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