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Season Finale Grades, Per Me

My thoughts on the season finales for network TV, May 2011. The whole thing is just spoilers, so be careful when clicking through if you haven’t already seen! I’m excited to get more into reviewing TV shows, if only for my own entertainment. Hopefully you enjoy what I have to say, and perhaps come back … Continue reading

Everything Happens Eventually – Updated!

Booth: Give it time. Everything happens eventually. Bones: Everything? Booth: All the stuff that you think never happens. It happens. You just gotta be ready for it. -Season 2, Episode 16: The Boneless Bride in the River As such, I’m ready for Bones and Booth to FINALLY get together ON SCREEN. None of this implied … Continue reading

A Bone to Pick with Bones

Alright Bones, here’s the thing. I love you. Like so, so, so much. I’m extremely forgiving when it comes to television that I love, so I’ve cut you plenty of slack. But Bones, this shit has to end. What shit, you might ask? I would be happy to share. SPOILER ALERTS ahead for Bones up … Continue reading