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Regarding My Mother

Regarding My Mother

“…I have often wondered if I had the words that would do justice to her goodness, her wisdom, and her strength. In the life of every woman, there will always be the influence and teachings of one woman who stands supreme.” -The Expected One by Kathleen McGowan For me – as it is for so … Continue reading

Blog Hitting

Corina, I’m very proud of you for your writing and all your blog hitting! -Betsy (my mama), after I showed her that my blog inexplicably had over 1,000 hits

Betsy is the Bestest

I love my mom so, so much. Seriously, she’s awesome. Sometimes she says the most random stuff and it just makes me smile, because it’s such a Betsy thing to say. Case in point – she was checking out my blog, and suddenly she asked me if I had posted a rap. I assumed she … Continue reading