What Can Corina Write For You?

Skills & Services Available

Website Launch Content:
Creation of headers, footers, product descriptions, company details, site maps, and social media posts for new website launches. This content helps to optimize site placement in search engine results, increase traffic, drive sales, promote social sharing, and allow visitors/customers to quickly and easily understand what the site has to offer.

Website Redesign Content:
Refreshing/editing existing site content and the creation of unique, new content for the relaunch of a website. Revamped and new website content offers better search engine optimization, visitor comprehension, and web visibility.

Page Titles:
Brief, descriptive titles that include major keywords/phrases to clearly and concisely outline what the page contains. The single most important piece of SEO content on a page!

Keywords and descriptions within a page’s HTML code. These aren’t as important as they once were, but a comprehensive SEO strategy includes carefully selected meta keywords and meta descriptions for each page.

Brief copy that introduces a website home page, category, or section. Major keywords/phrases are included for search engine visibility and to help visitors find the exact page or item that they seek.

Product Copy:
Names, features, and short descriptions of products available for sale on a website. All product content must be accurate, descriptive, and easy to understand.

Text at the bottom of a site page. Content is designed primarily for search engines, but may be read by site visitors. Includes embedded interlinks to relevant pages, products, and social media posts.

Site Maps:
Outlines each page on a particular site, including every major section, category, and piece of contact information. Company history, FAQs, and social media pages are also included. Each item can include a relevant keyword/phrase, and each links to a single specific page. This allows search engines and visitors to easily locate every aspect of the site.

About Us:
The section of a site that can include executive biographies, contact information, company history, mission statements, job opportunities, press kits, and media features. Beneficial to potential customers, employees, and media contacts. Also offers room for SEO keywords and links to increase site traffic.

Blog Posts:
Articles and posts that generate interest in a site and assist in search engine optimization. Encourages social sharing, especially when linked to the company’s social media pages. Embedded links, images with accurate descriptions, and HTML tagged content all benefit site traffic and retention.

Customer Content:
Customer/visitor submitted product reviews, site rankings, and comments. User generated content is extremely beneficial to SEO campaigns, and it encourages trust and interest among potential/current customers.

Affiliate Ads:
Content and calls to action for banner, pop-up, sidebar, etc ads that are displayed on affiliate websites. May also include radio, television, and print advertisements.

Brand Management:
Monitoring customer interactions, visitor comments/posts, and brand reputation via social media. Includes setting up relevant alerts via Epinions, Google, Twitter, etc for any mention of the brand or product, and proactively contacting customers that express concerns via these social routes. Comprehensive brand management also involves responding to comments submitted by potential and current customers, providing relevant links upon request, clarifying information, handling press inquiries, and updating site or product information as needed.

Social Media Management:
Updating social media pages on a regular basis, and selecting appropriate items/pages/topics to encourage discussion. Includes taking advantage of various social networks that are relevant to the company or product, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Twitter, etc.

Survey Analytics:
Comprehensive questionnaires designed to pinpoint exactly what visitors, customers, and/or press contacts want from the site. A mix of measurable fixed-response questions (multiple choice, rank, etc) and open-ended questions garners detailed results that can be analyzed and implemented. Question phrasing, user incentives, and reports decimating the results are all essential.

A/B Testing:
Creating and testing two versions of an email, landing page, or promotion. Post-testing analytics can reveal the click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate (CVR), cost per action (CPA), and revenue generation. Keyword A/B testing allows comparison between two similar keywords/phrases, to determine what should be used in PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns and what generates the most organic traffic.

Affiliate Management:
Monitoring affiliate ad placement, analyzing revenue and evaluating click-through results for special ads displayed on affiliate sites.

Catalog Copy:
Cover, section, and product copy for a print product catalog. May include playful headlines, “blurbs”, and promotional fine print/legal disclaimers.

Print Ad Copy:
Dynamic headlines, catchphrases, and descriptions for print magazine advertisements.

Video/Audio Scripts:
Content and/or actions for video and audio additions to website, including product demonstration videos, podcasts/video blogs, templates for customer service calls, and answers to FAQs.

Business Correspondence:
Job offers, legal communications (cease and desist letters, statements of compliance, etc), business proposals, partnership requests, and more.

Customer Service & Correspondence:
Serving customers via phone, email, internet live chat, and postal mail. Trouble-shooting, evaluating complaints and independently producing solutions in line with company policy. May also involve creating customer service email and phone conversation templates for the team to reference.

Basic hand coding HTML skills, including general formatting (line breaks, bold text, fragment links, lists, etc), embedded links and tags.

Graphic design:
Creation of documents and webpages using Adobe PhotoShop and DreamWeaver. Can manipulate layers, add effects, format text, color correct, adjust image size and resolution, and optimize saved images.

Writing subject lines, content, calls to action, and legal fine print for email communications and marketing promotions. Often involves A/B testing and analysis to determine most effective messaging.

Landing Pages:
Creating and linking to pages on a website that one reaches by clicking details in an email. Pages must be consistent with terms, message, and voice of email. Should have compelling calls to action that prompt visitors to buy, click, and/or share. Legal details and fine print should clearly and concisely spell out details, restrictions, and requirements.

Creation of resumes to help individuals obtain a job or advance within their field. Specialties include customizing resumes to job positions, re-wording content for optimum results, and creating/editing cover letters.

Essays & Reports:
Essay and report editing for high school and college students, plus business report and social media post editing for professionals.

Personal Correspondence:
Letters, emails, online advertisements, dictation and ghost writing.

Articles/Blog Posts:
Writing and editing of investigative reports, editorials, and human interest pieces for online media and print newspaper/magazine publications.

Writing and editing poetry, short stories, love letters, speeches, positive and negative company reviews, wedding and party invitation content, descriptive menus, brochures, flyers, biographies, and anything else one might need!

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